Hello {{name}},

you must be wondering what is this site about, but before I tell you, let me make a little disclaimer.

 I am not a native speaker of the Danish language, in fact I am not even fluent, yet

now that we got this out of the way.

You probably are here for the same reason I started this site. Well this site is about my journey of becoming a fluent danish speaker.

I have noticed that the way of teaching Danish in Sprogskole is different, than the classical way of teaching languages, this often leaves questions and misunderstood examples. Therefor I created this site, which presents you a structure with English explanations,  that smooths your dive in this “easy” language.

So far the functionality of the site covers, 1) Audio – so that you can listen to the text, 2) Test – so that you can try your skills, capabilities.  But if you have any suggestions, ideas or you want to volunteer, don’t hesitates to contact me. Have fun!